Sunday, June 5, 2011

ivette perez claudio

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LOVE your street corner sun glasses. Honey, does THIS MEAN you were smoking dope while you were pregnant? Yup. Someone should call and report you. A few drug tests would be good for you and mr. piercings. Listen tell Jose Tome he's F U C K E D. I hope he has the money for another state's attorney.

And your little pierced person was hilarious.

So tough and baleful looks and all. Shit.

At least he's a shade bigger than your little tiny thieving husband.

WTF are you doing, SELLING THOSE FUCKING KIDS??? You're pregnant again .. ya just dropped a kid and it's NEVER been seen.. You need to parade it around. That, the drug arrest and you pregnant again ... just don't know. ... you know those dcf people are fuckin stupid, they might take the little bird shooter with them.

Oh no, that's RIGHT.. you all hooked up out there to the sheriff's office.

EARL ?!?!?!??~?

you motherfuckers are so fucking boring.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sherry Diabetes Parsons Pharma HAG

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Oh I forgot, the old hag bag makes her money from the misery of others.

The fake disease of diabetes.

Old Ohio Tampa Hag Sherry Parsons

MORE on Gang Stalking in America and Elsewhere

I saw this city of tampa or county commission thing where this old hag told them she was a young person who wanted to stay in tampa but umm she's a natty looking old hag. She has this long icky face like a horse only not pretty and she wears the same clothes day in and day out.

I know this because the old whore has followed me around long enough and once tried to kill me at the gym .. (with something she sprayed in my vicinity imagine that miss pharma hag has chemicals) every time she slithers by like a snake I take her picture and she is nasty as shit. Today I didn't but did say a BIG HOWDY to the ugly old hag.

SLUT !!! Stop following me around. Your nasty fucking ass has followed me so many times I have your tag memorized V38 9VB. Now tell me that's wrong.

AND the old slut is a fan of Rick Scott. As if her nasty traits and botox looks like it will crack face if she smiles aren't bad enough. She can't smile, the frigging putty will fall out of her eye crow things.

Nasty as SHIT.


Nasty old fucking ohio whore.

Neighbors for 3310 W. Hawthorne Road, Tampa-Bayshore Beautiful, FL
3318 W. Hawthorne Road Jrl Family Limited Partnership
3317 W. Hawthorne Road Sandra L Evans
3316 W. Hawthorne Road Hazel M Life Holcomb (Estate)
3315 W. Hawthorne Road Victoria Arendt
3314 W. Hawthorne Road Sherry A Parsons
3313 W. Hawthorne Road Brian Wayne Walker
3312 W. Hawthorne Road Rafael A Pagan
3311 W. Hawthorne Road Ann F Holmes
3309 W. Hawthorne Road Christian Jeanne M (Trustee)
3308 W. Hawthorne Road David and Barbara Brumley
3307 W. Hawthorne Road Paul M and Fredrique B Boire
3306 W. Hawthorne Road Mary Brumley
3305 W. Hawthorne Road Dennis J and Lisa H Milam
3302 W. Hawthorne Road T Lance and Amy B Williams
3418 W. Hawthorne Road William S and Melanie V Humenansky
3417 W. Hawthorne Road Anthony D Buonaquisti
3416 W. Hawthorne Road Domenico and Elena Friscioni
3415 W. Hawthorne Road Helen C White
3414 W. Hawthorne Road Scott C Weaver
3413 W. Hawthorne Road Griffith S Braddock
3412 W. Hawthorne Road Earlene Reynolds
3410 W. Hawthorne Road Melanie J Batista
3409 W. Hawthorne Road John R Tanke
3408 W. Hawthorne Road Jeffery C Young
3406 W. Hawthorne Road Dobson Construction Inc
3405 W. Hawthorne Road Marie Paleveda
3404 W. Hawthorne Road Ella Mae Barnett
3403 W. Hawthorne Road William M Geary
3402 W. Hawthorne Road Cynthia L Sokolowski
3221 W. Hawthorne Road Land Service Corporation (Trustee) (Trust)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

N53 2NW

This is one of the people who can't get laid .... a little balding fellow who deals crack, meth and spends Friday nights harassing dogs and running with the other skanks and white trash.

They're always the last to know they're white trash.

Yesterday we caught him taking pictures and video of young boys on the street.

It's only a matter of time.

ANOTHER DEALER TAG, you might notice. ... which associates him with Jason Kuhn, Bill Sokol, The Gonzalez boys and Xavier Tome.

BUT, they all stem from Michael Brian Keller and Scott Louis Gonzalez and Jose Xavier Tome and the other Gonzalez ...... wow. Ima BE RICH.
Oh, by the way ..> THAT all stems from the Tampa Firemen who frequent Keller's rooming house along with Paul Mumford, TPD, numerous whores, crack addicts, whores, crackheads, prostitutes ...
THIS GUY the little balding one was captured on home security camera following a young mother and a child to their residence and then filming them .. so this is the very definition of stalking.

FOLLOWED. AT SAME TIME. VIDEO'ING CHILDREN on private property. Hope ya caught that trap.
Cause you feel into it.

Do you realize how stupid you are?

Do you really think that old skank keller or any of your MANY BOSSES or crack friends or any of the tampa firemen or cops are going to prison for you??? SeriouslY???
Then you are stupider than you look.

Stop filming children pervert. It's different when they are peter claudio's children because as home security cameras show .. they never come outside unless they are STALKING FOR DADDY.

Which means the are stalking for Jose Xavier Tome.
Stop following people around, loser.

Filming you while you commit a crime IS NOT A CRIME.
So... wake up, crackhead.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

And the door swung open WIDE

MORE on Gang Stalking in America and Elsewhere
and the light shineth.

AND THE PROOF IS JUST TOO FREE. Thank you swine pigs of the south. As opposed to fine southern folks.

NOW it's very easy to see how the stuff crosses the boundaries.

So worth the price of admission. More on this another time.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


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see, how's THAT FEEL ??????? I don't give a fuck what you do and you know it. You wanted this sick game. How you likin it ??? Don't try to pretend I called the cops on you or any other stupid thang. Cause I'm READY.


And now.

where's your main entrance asshole.

MORE on Gang Stalking
Annual Place of Assembly Permit and Occupancy Capacity Certificate:
All new and established business classified as assembly occupancies shall make application annually and submit general
floor plan documents for review by the Fire Marshal's Office. The floor plan shall detail net square footage of applicable
areas, exit locations, all means of egress components, seating and chair arrangements with variations, and fire detection and
extinguishing equipment. An occupancy capacity limit for the area reviewed will be established by the Fire Marshal. Once a
satisfactory inspection of all features is completed, the Fire Marshal's Office will issue an Annual Assembly Permit and
Occupancy Capacity Certificate. This Permit and Capacity Certificate shall be posted in a conspicuous location adjacent to
the main entrance. Fees for the annual permit will be billed to the business.
Special Temporary Indoor and Outdoor Assembly Events Permits:
All temporary events or activities where there is a gathering of fifty persons or more for the activities defined above shall, at
the discretion of the Fire Marshal, require a permit. An event description shall be submitted for review with dates and times
along with a site or building floor plan of the event. Details of the area or streets to be utilized for the event shall be shown.
A permit application submitted for review needs to include the permit fee and a return envelope. A copy of the receipt or
approved permit application shall be posted in a conspicuous location adjacent to the main entran in America and Elsewhere

MAN that would REALLY BE BAD you have this semi-stalking-occasional gathering to prove how many SHITTY CORRUPT EXTORTIONIST friends you have in the fire dept ... seems one of them would know about THE ABOVE. huh. dang. bunch yall in jail because there's at LEAST twenty cars there. Counting the thirty people you have living in yer HOLES that means there's WAY MORE THAN FIFTY PEOPLE WITH A LIVE BAND.

southafried. Justice with a fuck you.

awwwwwww paperthin

MORE on Gang Stalking in America and Elsewhere

you all about handing me the patterns. L M A O.

Where's toad?? He's not invited to the big fireSWINE shindigs?/? Hey that kid ... yeah ... just admitted the dog was bothering them ... SO what's he doing over here with all the available areas WITHOUT a dog?? Not only that but hey ... I'm pretty sure you have to have a permit for a live band. Got one??? AND ... oh lemme get that on video ... LOL. you fuckin dipshit. This is the same thing you did last two times ya got the lawdogs on your stalking trail. Only THIS TIME .... THIS TIME yer swirlin the drain baby. F'd with the car .... took a walk. Concrete boots of justice coming on now.

You'd think fireswine would raise better chirrun but they ain't got da time. Mos dere time spent fucking with OTHER CHIRRUN. And, hopefully getting pictures of it to funnel to the Tampa Fireman PORN CLUB to sell.


I noticed there was no public condemnation of A FIREMAN arrested for child pornography ...

well you fuck your own self/

Let me know if it's good for you, hear???

Friday, May 29, 2009

wow more whores

MORE on Gang Stalking in America and Elsewhere


whoring out your children. THAT'S a new one.


MORE on Gang Stalking in America and Elsewhere

oh my god.

So you stalked me around for years and tried to drag me into your fucking catfights and then threaten me when I tell you no and now ...

THIS does not look good.

Paperthin ... is THIS IT?? THIS Is what you're haning your hose on????

ml i love ya I DO ... I DO I think you're an awesome dude. I do. BUT if that little SOB was running around by YOUR family you'd have taken it just as unkindly as I did. I'm not a selfish person.
There's something all fucked up about the way yall do things.

Point taken but .. yknow ... you're going about this the wrong way.

If he hit YOUR MOTHER over the head he'd be DEAD.

I do not give a shit.

AND stop threatening me.

His MOTHER KNOWS WHAT HE DID and the stupid bitch still sends him around here.

Nope. She gets a mediocre job with the city so the family can perform their heinous duties against the UNTAMED CITIZENS.

Seriously .... just knock it off.

Tampa thinks it's a big swirly mudhole of blood and control. BUT they're wrong.

Do I have to prove it or can you just set your stupidity aside long enough to realize??? Just because I didn't play lil league ball with you does NOT MEAN you can terrorize my family and throw us out of the park.

I don't give a fuck what else went on. You people just fuck around playing a game that no one else is in on. And you fool yourselves into thinking you're winning. Until people catch on. Then you roll out the mighty force of corruption.



help me and I'll help you .... here I am (a brief aside)


MORE on Gang Stalking in America and Elsewhere

if you're trying to impress me with numbers. ummm. don't bother.

My methods are different and the same.

Hang on.

Patience is NOT a virtue. It is concentrated strength.


MORE on Gang Stalking in America and Elsewhere

dude you're SUCH a PUSSY.

Some people smart enough to leave me alone when I ask them nicely.

Nuh uh. Not you. You owned twenty houses in tampa now they all infested with bikers and crack and meth. How's that workin out for you when we have a look?????

Your wife all up in the death numbers?

fuck around fuck around soon ya won't be around.

I'm telling you. Prison would not be good for a guy like you. Your actions are old and outmoded. You pull that shit in there you'd get shanked in the hairbuzz line.

That's really bad how my dogs react to you EVERY TIME they see you.

Remember OJ.

L M A O.

You think you're smart ... L O L. I guess. What MUST you think you are?

Here's what you are:

And that's an insult to the pussy.

Yall thought you had the big plan all going today.
Everybody out from under the rock.

You walk by, the others, your other bikers, the fireswine EVEN A HELICOPTER.


Pussies. ALL OF EM.

But you really even LOOK like a pussy.

Everywhere you go bitches always know that michael k ain't got a wienie that he'd love to blow.

Enjoy prison.

I told you.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

dear michael brian kell

MORE on Gang Stalking in America and Elsewhere

Let's NOT forget who introduced Mr. Toad to Mr. Tome. Mr. Kell.

And how your customers wander back and forth running through the properties ... and how they harass other people and how TOAD is on video fucking with my car. .. .. and THEN ALL THE VIDEO of you and he cozying up with the child PREDATOR.

Which fits RIGHT IN HERE. Familiar names all around. This fucking moron mailing opposing parties MAIL TO ME ... L M A O.

Good choice!!!!!!

mr tome and the tampa city code enforcers.

MORE on Gang Stalking in America and Elsewhere

IN ANOTHER SIGN that Mr Tome and paperthin have THE CURRENT code inspector in their pocket he comes by ONE DAY and the idiots MEET HIM THERE THE NEXT.

WOW when did the mail run before EIGHT AM AND you could get an inspector on the phone AND get him to meet you all in an hour??

AND I love the whole whizzing in just as he opens the door every day.

Go fuck yourselves you idiots.

Now he can go park by the water until he comes around for some more SELECTIVE CODE ENFORCEMENT.

How's your burker king poisoner you WIFE BEATER????


You owe me over five thousand DOLLARS for toad's activity motherfucker.


That's just from APRIL.

Monday, May 11, 2009

TOme BOxers Paper THIN Wanna BE and TATTOO JOSE

Are we SERIOUSLY GOING TO HAVE THIS CONVERSATION??? Are we going to have this conversation with ALAN PINALES TOO???? Because ... mostly he's got the gangers going back and forth under the watchful eyes of the wannabe and the obama fans but as history PROVES ... all yall were well acquainted before you moved in HERE. L M A O.

Honestly .. looking around at you people ... it's good to be an outsider !!!!!

Now, Mr. Tome ... you can do better than this. Did you read about TERTIARY CONTACT as I advised you to not long back??

Woman charged with stalking boss 'is still calling him' - Courts ...
... Skip to secondary content [s]; Skip to tertiary content [t]; Skip to quaternary content [q] ... Woman charged with stalking boss 'is still calling him' ... and to have no contact with them by telephone, text, email or in person. - Similar pages - Review this site
Pease, Bob 2002 Men and Masculinities: A critical introduction ...
File Format: Microsoft Word - View as HTML... omits violent acts such as sexual abuse, stalking and intimate homicide2, ignores the history of ..... Contact. Dr Michael Flood Postdoctoral Fellow - Similar pages - Review this siteby M Flood - 2006 - Cited by 3 - Related articles

MORE on Gang Stalking in America and Elsewhere

Anyway ... first they pop up here do some damage and then ride menacingly around and THEN CONGREGATE ON YOUR PORCH in front of the LONGEST TERM TENANTS EVER over to boxer's... WHICH, in and of itself is HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS. Considering the other ones were ummmm dealer (car LOL) related and that they had those dealer tags to help them MOVE AND that THIS IS THE FIRST TIME they've ever stayed when YOURS LEFT EVER EVER and that was AFTER I pointed it ou. You see???? HUH. So, there's NO DENYING that you know. NONE WHATSOEVER.

So we can have this conversation ..... but ... are you really going to be this stupid????

WOW. Big thugs to stare. Sending their children over to fuck with us and then YOU BEING RESPONSIBLE ULTIMATELY because .. yeah, that's YOU sending a message or your biker and child molester friends in the hood would tell you. Mr. Handy Man.

Love ya .. hate to see you get in MORE trouble.

832 600000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

MORE on Gang Stalking in America and Elsewhere





And BIKER you knock over all the lil flowers you want. FO FREE> OH the psychological damage.

BUT BETTER. all those trespassing charges BURY YO ASS UNDER THE FELONIES with shooters LICENSE PLATE matched up to PORT TAMPA NUMBER 19 stalker wife and co. GOOD LORD.

The inbreeding is R E A L L L L L Y starting to show.


Happy Mother's Day ... even YOU have a mother wouldn't I like to have been a fly on the wall at THAT conception between pseudo woman and beast???

Yeah brought yo mama into it.



Matches made in heaven.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

x19 7tf SHOOTER

yep that's okay .. i be takin da car fo a fizzikle and mebbe on the way home I run by the popo and give em that video of you fuckhead ass shootin at me OR maybe DD rampaging by before sentencing .. whooo hooo it's ONLY A WEEK. And, despite the fact that he just coughed up millions of dollars for his buddy the high sheriff ... he ass ain't doing so hot, huh?>? NOPE!! Not if he gets charged wid stalking TOO. Stalking IS a crime, dumbass.

OH and SO is shooting at people while they walk their dog.

SO SHOOTER I ain't too sure why you and your cockwipe tattoo are having so much fun running round da block thinking you gonna upset people cause ... well, you're dumb motherfuckers.

OH YEA .. that probably IS why.

AND I ain't the one prefers HOS. You and the bayshore folks a fuckin away with my family and you about to find out that prison from what I understand has gotten A LOT WORSE.

Bikers deserting bikers. MWAH.

You all just shankin sons of bitches. so stay clear on over there and keep your whores up off my baby.

I keep tellin you dat and you persist. You realize I don't even have to swing by the POPO .. just stick some copies in the mail all ova da place ....

I'ze not done yet wid da video but I ain't forgotten none of you. Once it up it UP. So ... keep dancing and giving me more footage. (that means scenes)

ooooohhhhh go fuck yourself you fucking idiots.

OH AND look .. you qualify for AT LEAST THREE of these charges......

Sunday, April 19, 2009

MORE on Gang Stalking in America and Elsewhere

just for notetaking purposes ..


117wfe ... you sold your soul for a LICENSE PLATE????? you not even knowin me lookin all ferocious. LMAO.
Smoke ya another one.

snake sellers ... you keep it up with me i'm going to have you arrested ... I DO mean that.

It's all on paper thin. why not let it rest?
Will he kick your skank ass/?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


MORE on Gang Stalking in America and Elsewhere
x19 7TF

Interesting choice of ... drive time.... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

anyway, thanks.

And, thanks for shooting at me.

Attempted murder.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


you are nothing more than a murderer. IF you pay for hookers I hope you understand how much they hate you .. maybe you and the other hater share a hole???


MORE on Gang Stalking in America and Elsewhere

I kinda lose track of all your stupid ass BOOLSHIT but .. I DO know this. Ain't no way all you fat fuckers could fit in the same car.

Maybe you should save up for a BIG BUS.

Can follow me around.. It would be awesome. Some days we could declare a truce and like watch old home movies together. You stalking me around. Me not noticing a fuck because you're like beneath me.

I just didn't want ya to feel left out.

Even losers need love.

Monday, December 29, 2008


Mr. ummm carpentry .... LMAO.
Listen I have some ideas about you. How you like to watch movies with children and all and put your hands on other peoples' kids. You and the ummmm mountain man showing up all friendly.

Now, thus far, other than you're a stalker I have NOTHING against you. Pity. You're mean. Your wife is mean. That precious son you waited so long for?? What do you REALLY THINK that your lifestyle will turn that lil cutie into, meantime your daughters are second class to him? Anyway, it's sad.

BUT, here's the deal. You might be fulfilling a purpose for mr. S. but we all know where you came from. I know you and elia are more than cozy. I also know more about your background than I want to. AND, you know that you rounded out to TEN the number of employees of Mary Ellen Elia (AND ELEVEN INCLUDING LA ELIA HERSELF) that I have photographed stalking me numerous times?? Did you know that?? And now stalking children. Make no mistake, if you're stalking my boy you're stalking a minor.

And you are. And you are.

SO, what I propose instead of calling you ugly names and pissing you off when I say shit about the lil mean-faced woman is this: be a MAN already motherfucker. You all runnin around doin what your cellphone tell you to. manly as all shit.

The more I see of you and the others the more the screws will turn for beaumont, mitchell and TOME.
One of your buddies?

OMG imagine my big fat fucking surprise.

Tell Elia to go back to doing her OWN STALKING.

It's much more amusing despite the fact that she doesn't know anything either and like you RESENTS TEACHING ANYONE ANYTHING.

droppin the dime is what you do ....

you grew up on drivebys and la gang signs.


So, remember when mitchell is in jail. you and your big boss with the bad teeth (he'll get that I bet LMAO) gone have some splainin to do, loosy.


MORE on Gang Stalking in America and Elsewhere

Friday, December 12, 2008


This guy should have gotten MORE time. WAY MORE. Drug dealing is dangerous enough but then you have the lawdogs jumping in with guns and badges and stealing from the INFORMANTS all under the color of THE LAW.
It's really heinous. Get out there and MAKE A DEAL like the rest of the population. WE're sick of you motherfuckers stealing from us.

Former Pasco deputy sentenced to prison in drug scheme
TAMPA - Don Riggans spent his life serving in the Army, working up the ladder in law enforcement and building a life with his wife and two daughters.

But the former Pasco sheriff's deputy met the ultimate disgrace earlier this year when he was arrested on federal charges that he conspired to distribute thousands of pain pills for illegal sale. Authorities said he used the trappings of his position - a police cruiser, vest and agency firearm - to conduct a bogus traffic stop on a drug runner (who was actually an informant) to rip off the proceeds of the drug sale.

His sentencing was today. His wife, Kimberly, also a sheriff's deputy, spoke through tears about the model person her husband had been before making this mistake. Riggans himself said his lowest moment was explaining to his daughters what he had done. His lawyer pleaded for leniency.

U.S. District Judge Richard Lazzara listened, but then posed this question: "Who protects us from the protectors?"

Lazzara said Riggans' actions "undermine the rule of law, and without the rule of law we are nothing."

Riggans, 35, came to court facing a minimum of 5 years in prison after pleading guilty in September to conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute hydrocodone and possession of a firearm during and in relation to a drug trafficking crime.

Federal prosecutors recommended a departure from those guidelines because Riggans had cooperated in the investigation and admitted responsibility.

Lazzara ultimately decided on 24 months in prison, followed by three years of supervised release.

The sentence was met with more sobs from the group of 30 or so friends and family in attendance. Riggans hung his head.

Said Assistant U.S. Attorney Anthony Porcelli: "His offense is much more egregious than any drug dealer. He knew better. Hs conduct, unlike a drug dealer's, threatens the very system we operate under."

Molly Moorhead, Times staff writer


Posted by tampabaycom at 4:23:35 PM on December 12, 2008 in Pasco | Permalink Digg Facebook Newsvine Reddit

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

green card contenders at 000000

Jer, forgot to tell you... your young thugs and wannabes can't get or keep their story straight, ace. I will come and get you personally. You do understand that, correct? I will personally come for you and right this wrong. I will do this.

Legally, peacefully, lovingly and permanently.

I will handle this personally. Mano to whateveryouare-o

I do mean this.

When the shiver goes down your spine.

Take heed.

No one has really ever seen me in action and no one knows the force I am capable of commanding.

I will come for you personally.

I will bring what you fear the most.

Guess how I know what that is?

YOU, sir, are fucking with the wrong one.

You are definitely fucking with THE WRONG SON.

You see my family coming, you bow, scrape and help them any way you can.

Other than that don't do for them what you did for Joey.


That poor kid.

AND, amazingly enough BOTH parents employed with the ELIA HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY SCHOOL SYSTEM.


I will personally see to it that you never EVER bother anyone again with your sick and greasy meanness.

I really don't think you'd do time too well.

Yknow ...

MORE on Gang Stalking in America and Elsewhere

yer rulez

tell me if I'm off base

a. be as stupid as possible

b. as mean as possible

c. as UGLY as possible

d. a a a a a

e. never back down

f. a a a a a a a a a a

Am I missing anything???????????

I've met your bosses. They're nummer n a hake.

Saving that because like OBVIOUSLY I KNOW THEM because I KNOW A LOT ABOUT THEIR FAMILIES and yknow SUCH. I've hired no private investigator and know no one else they know so that information could ONLY have come from the horse's mouth.


Back to a.

Stupid as possible.

Later. Gotta go clear the air and work on MY PART of THE GAMBLING DEVELOPMENT AREA.

MORE on Gang Stalking in America and Elsewhere

reading comprehension

That was YESTERDAY at two oclock. Giving you plenty of time to communicate with your stopped up criminal morons. ANY OLD HOO. I won't be going back unless you take like TEN STEPS back and stay there seething. Don't give a fuck.
I'll help you restore your ummmmm estate. LMAO when you help me restore MINE.

And not a moment sooner.


Beaumont.... you win first prize this week. I'm seriously going to make some time for you.
Yknow why?? Because you are a stupid, lowclass motherfucker who had BALLS just to walk by me never mind COME NEAR me. THank your buddy jerry for it. He's the smart one. Mr. TEXT.

Honey ... it's all coming back to a few doors. You're a mean motherfucker but I know some major CUNTS.


And, I'm STILL checking the mail for my belongings. I can't move til they find their way home to me. You know?

MORE on Gang Stalking in America and Elsewhere

lovely air this foyne morn

Okay I guess this is your version of 'we're too fucking stupid to know when to quit'. Don't care. Expected that. AM AMUSED but not the way you think.
ANyway .... couple things.
Beaumont, your ass is mine.

T- your junior stalkers are looking more like they're about to rot from the outside every day. Honestly. You taken a good look at them lately as you whore and blunder your way through life fearfully doing exactly as you are told??? They look as sick on the outside as YOU made them on the inside. And, that's just fucking sad.

I see the new victim. It's okay. If anyone can slice and dice your moron to bits that's the one. That facade of niceness falls through. Empty smiles, non-existent hearts.... people GET IT soon enough.
YOU CREATED THAT. Take a good look. When I met them they were beautiful and seemingly intelligent. Now they look like desperate, rotting, shells of whatever they were.
It's OVER. You LOST. Deal with it. And your brother is a psycho who would probably cut your throat if it meant getting at something he wanted.

Nice brood.

MORE on Gang Stalking in America and Elsewhere

Monday, December 1, 2008

the hard way .............

ummm here's another thing we have in common. You know how angry you are that I am pointing out what you are doing to people because I KNOW that no one was going to run help MY family???

That anger is about 1/99 of what I felt when I realized that you had murdered so many of my family members and destroyed others.

So ... there's that.

We'll be doing this the hard way.

We're angry.

Toldya way back you needed a better negotiator.

All that mystery is just stupid for some people.

And it makes me laugh.

And I won't deal with you that way.

Because I do not trust you.

See, you can TRUST ME.

But you wanted to start that rat stuff.

Sure and look how that turned out.

mixed in with all that I started out WAY behind .... but that didn't last long.

I'm glad the helicopters are back. The sheriff must be busy. I'm recording them. Not for what you think.


MORE on Gang Stalking in America and Elsewhere

biker firemen etccccc

biker, I'm going to try to take these posts down ONE MORE TIME. And you behave your fuckin self, GOT IT??? ALL YALL. You have all these people to follow me around you make sure they follow me and mine around and keep us safe, hear?

And, that doorhanger car-crawler doesn't count. For god's sake. Have him hitch HIS spandex up and come on over, too. Bring a big stick. One at a time. THAT will never happen. bunch of pussies.

Buncha idiots walking around doing what you tell them to. Their lack of balls is VERY evident. That's why they're busy pushing yours around in an eeensy weensy wheelbarrow.

I mean it. I have more and better so lay off me. Your property stealing stopped right where MINE began. My property line, that is. Now I know it's not you and me ... you're just a paper doll but that's okay I think we may reach an understanding soon. Or someone will get hurt.. No one wants to see ME get hurt.
That would be very bad news for ........

MORE on Gang Stalking in America and Elsewhere

Sunday, November 30, 2008

this stupidity reminds me of you

How yall have stayed alive THIS long and gotten away with any of this murderous activity is beyond me.

I kinda think yall woulda shot yourselves in the foot on the way to set the gun down so you could snatch the candy from a baby.

Biker, what's that; your grammy (LOL more like your younger sister) over there on Lamar???? So .. wow, what's that? TYING YOU DIRECTLY TO A MURDER WITNESS WHO WON'T STEP FORWARD.

Dazzle me with your driving. Baffle me with your .... E V E R Y L I T T L E T H I N G.

Yall actually believe that shit I talk about when I know you're a click behind me online and on my phone.

As evidenced by # 8 BOTH firetrucks at westshore and boyscout because I mentioned on the phone that I was going to both malls. FIrst one and then the other.

Wow. Man. You guys should get some kind of stalking award.

Maybe the .... sTALKSCAR???

IDIOTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Okay, you can find him over in South Tampa: NAME: MICHAEL B. KELLER. Mention the air around my home. Mention that my car has been better but the air around my home is very bad. Like I said, I'm not playing semantics. If this is what you want I got plenty PLENTY of it. Enjoy !!!!!

UPDATE: Sure and he had his chances. He gets no excuse or break ... got his thugs and hos watching me twenty four hours a day seven days a week. Here's my five minutes for your ass. Watch on. Enjoy the view.

Anyway ... it STILL feels nasty in my yard almost thirty minutes later. So ... here. You need to run over and talk to your biker friend, mr. pinellas fireman stalker.

Original post:

Hey Fireman !! Happy Thanksgiving. Sorry about this. I mean you ARE the one who stalked me so openly BUT it's really not fair that you get the hit. SO, if you wanted to thank those responsible for this action one lives at 3309 Beaumont. Accosted a child not long back, he did.

Fake and the FAT MAN. Anyway .... the other one . michael keller owns some property down in south tampa (also) right by marion lambert, the confederate flag waver. I'm sure you're acquainted

And, Hernando deathbox driver?? What?? What did you want? Did one of you get caught murdering someone or something????

So, fireman you have those two scumbags adn all the rest of them get up off myself, family and personal property and also ask them why they don't mind publicizing YOU and YOUR TAG?????

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Friday, November 28, 2008

You're PAST being a problem

shorty, back off the threats. First of all it makes NO FUCKING SENSE lmao that I did MY OWN THANG all that time and lived right next door to it for even longer, bought it, sold it, traded it and made it ........................ so that whole rat program? Screw you. You're an embarrassment.


You all are WAY PAST being a problem: (not for me, I've been followed around since I was under four) BUT, others are starting to notice it. Could be all the publicity helps a great deal. I don't give a fuck. I asked you nicely, nicely, nicely NICELY to STOP way more than a hundred times. I explained to you that it was stupid and ineffective. This is like when I was hesitant to fire people and didn't really want to but my mentor explained it thus: THEY FIRE THEMSELVES.
You're FUCKING YOURSELF. If you did nothing there'd be nothing for me to talk about I could go on with my political blogging and you could move on to another victim. NO you ARE NOT. You can do things like men from here on out.
Some big thug approaches children and folks MY size .. that's WIMPY AS SHIT. I coulda taken him anyway. I notice he ran off pretty fast. What the hell? Where do you GET these people?

So ... you've made choices ... not good ones ... but anyway ....

a. your lives REVOLVE around me.

case. In general, obsession becomes a problem when it consumes the lives of the stalkers as they begin to organize their lives around their obsession and their stalking behaviors. Even nondelusional stalkers, who may maintain the appearance of normal lives, are obsessed with their victims (Snow, 1998).

Although there are some features common to all types of stalking, there are different types of stalking.

b . you're delusional ergo DANGEROUS ... to yourselves more than me. Your stupid ass world is crumbling around you and you still have your eyes ON ME. What THE FUCK???? THINK FREAKS THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The second category of stalking is erotomania, also known as De Clerambault Syndrome (El-Assra, 1989). In this type the stalkers are delusional. They mistakenly believe that they are involved in ongoing relationships with their victims. However, no matter the type of stalking, three features are common to all types. First, stalkers are obsessed with their victims. Second, they engage in the same stalking behaviors. Third, they sincerely believe that they have the right to engage in these behaviors (Bureau of Justice Assistance, 1996; Hall, 1998; Mullen & Pathe, 1994; Orion). This lack of insight makes stalking extremely resistant to treatment and often leads to an escalation of stalking behaviors (Orion). And although there are some common elements, there are important differences between the three types of stalking.

Although you and the others actually fit into BOTH categories which puts me in twice as much danger not to mention the fucking amateurs from who knows what green field.

Simple obsessional stalking is the most common type and the most likely to lead to violence. In this type, real relationships exist between stalkers and victims, although not necessarily sexually intimate ones. Other relationships include casual dating and platonic relationships such as friends, professional colleagues, and neighbors (Zona et al., 1998).

d. well you DO have hobbies (starting fires, burning down houses, pest control, motorcycles, weird things you do with your own children .... I mean who puts their child at play five feet from a busy street MORON? gardening if I'm on tap ... following me, burning down my family's homes ... you DO have hobbies.. oh and hanging around with fellow losers..

stalkers tend to be white males between the ages of 26 and 50 with at least some high school education (Meloy, 1998). Stalkers tended to exhibit a history of disturbed social relationships marked by loneliness. They were usually socially isolated with few friends and hobbies (Flowers, 1994).

e. I have two thoughts on this: a. I'm not really interested in the court system b. I AM interested in justice. We'll see which one wins me over.

98). Although state statutes vary in wording and descriptions of behaviors that identify stalking, all antistalking laws contain three basic elements that must be present to charge someone with criminal stalking. First, there must be an element of malicious and intentional harassment. Second, there must be a pattern of harassment. Third, there must be a credible threat, which is defined as a threat that would cause a reasonable person to feel fear. In addition, the threat must be used intentionally to frighten victims (Bureau of Justice Assistance, 1996; Saunders). Threats can be direct or indirect. Direct threats include statements that the victims, or others, will be harmed if they do not give the stalkers what they want.
Indirect threats can run a gamut from victims feeling anxious to victims receiving threatening items such as dead flowers, dead animals, and soiled underwear. With the wording of most antistalking laws, the credible threat requirement can be met by documenting that the stalking has occurred and the victims stating that they are frightened (Bureau of Justice Assistance, 1996; Orion, 1997; Saunders, 1998).

e. Hope the Internet and VIDEO TAPING MY DEMAND TO BEAUMONT THAT HE STOP STALKING ME WILL SUFFICE. That's at least FIVE of you headed off for felony court with very little effort. NOT TO COUNT THE ENTIRE TAMPA FIRE RESCUE and HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY FIRE RESCUE. I'm going to go that one better, anway. Hang on. It's coming.

However, the victims must speak to the stalkers at least once to tell them that they must stop the harassment. This is the only way that the victims can prove that the stalkers know their contact was unwelcome. When this does not happen, stalkers can make a credible case that they were unaware that their attentions are unwanted. Victims must also endure the stalking long enough to collect evidence to support their claim. They must establish that a pattern of harassment exists and that the stalking is not an isolated incident. They must also show that it is intentional

yada yada blah blah blah ....


MORE on Gang Stalking in America and Elsewhere

here's the deal

MORE on Gang Stalking in America and Elsewhere

DO NOT touch mine or anyone else I know's property again. Do not bother us or impede our progress in any way.

Leave us alone.

Leave my child alone. Let him get into and out of his own relationships without your spooks and freaks and haunts and manipulations. I'm not going to tolerate ANY OF IT ANY LONGER.

You what? Thought I'd be stupid enough to call YOUR FUCKING COPS?? Nah. Got my own ways.
My own cops.

Let it end or I'll find a way to end it.

Especially keep your fucking hos over there in your own world.

Mel .. I am kinda still smellin ya.

Now, I've been nice as hell. NO ONE can deny that.
By now any one of your pussy asses would have run for help.

Sure ....

YOu know it.

I know it.

End it.

Or I will.

And I mean it.

The video is still going here.

Names will be here EVERY DAY. EVERY FIVE MINUTES if I EVER have that experience or any adverse experience again. IF I EVER see you manipulate my child again.

I couldna figure out why you and the lil woman were driving circles all around me. Thought maybe you wanted to talk.


Another one found his balls all in one week?

Knew THAT couldn't be true.......
I toldya and toldya how much you're bugging me. Not so much. Slap up a few words and move on.


DO NOT test me again.

I'm completely out of nice and moving on to ... yknow ... not nice.

Maybe that's how you like em best.


Pinellas fireman stalker you get a reprieve until that pussy ass fires up my yard, house car or anyone or anything I know again.

But next time you wont' be up here alone.

Don't forget to thank them.

They're AWESOME.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

3309 Beaumont

Listen I just want to be sure to let you know that you MIGHT have noticed that I had purposely not placed your video here but now I will. You need to thank the following gentleman for this great honor: Michael Keller. He's got a place down there by Confederate Marion Lambert. Initial B.

So when it comes popping up here and I go get the old pictures very clear of you stalking me in the library and assaulting my child and stalking me at my gym and at the grocery. Another incident of stalking A MINOR.

I wonder if there's some child-molestation issues in there? My child IS very freaked out by you.

For all intents and purposes.

We DO know a bunch of pussies when we see them.

Anyway ... you be sure to tell him thank you.

Meantime, due to time constraints .... (LOL) I'll be reposting the Pinellas fireman stalker.

Also. GOOGLE. get up off my blog. I notice you blocking the Allyson Marie Faulk post.

KNOCK IT OFF or that makes you an accessory to murder and other crimes.

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

a foreword

THere are those of you who should know .... and you know who you are .... that not only does NOTHING you do have any effect on where you're trying to go but that all that you do towards my family won't work either. My family knows the score. They may pretend otherwise but they know who to trust and who not to. You ARE NOT on the list despite what you may believe. LMAO.
And again ... do all the weaseling you want. You see how far it's gotten you so far, correct?

First the wack jobs then the lies (always the lies) now the famingling. None of it does the first bit of good.

But again, we'll see who laughs last. It's as simple as ONE piece of paper to circumvent anything you may do.
It's how we got HERE.
So ....................... keep burying yourselves. I'm watching.

And you're sad. THIS is how you are spending the life you were given.

And that's fucked up.

You can change. There is still time.
You should WANT to change.

Irishboy, ya coulda had ME. Been a contender. Love ya.

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K 10 9SF Tire folks

Wow you can hear those two morons right on video ... talking about their tires and me with the witness get em charged with endangering lives in a motor vehicle.

Yall are fucking morons. I got a pretty good picture of your loser boyfriend dancing, too. Man what a PAIR OF LOSERS.

And the video of the stalker who lives at 3309 BEAUMONT STREET TAMPA FLORIDA 33609 is VERY VERY clear.

And so fuck you.

Keep threatening me and my family.

You can't make up your mind what to do.

I suggest you find out if you can even pay me bcause as you know my children don't trust you and you CANNOT MURDER your way through this one.

You'll be lucky to ever get anywhere despite all that fake self-confidence because now I have the one thing and I may not be apt to be so sweet.

You had many chances. Your way is NOT FUCKING WORKING. Yes it might be the first time. There's always that first time.

So, unless you're sending your own kids to prison so they can deal from there I'm thinking that you're not doing so hot anyway.

I love the flag dude. Fucking funny.

Thanks for the laughs.

I love the big star on the helicopter too.

You won't be stealing from me anymore.

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givin ya what ya want

Wow, either yall REALLY don't want that boy's picture online (simple he could have stayed at home) or you don't like that we're going to investigate how buddy gee got to be sheriff through gee buddy or ummmmm moving up the qualifying date .... AND you don't like how we're showing how you're murdering people for their property.
OKay... well, none of those are going to stop and we have something new for you besides posing your boy's video. We see you keep it up with our family members and while we wouldn't even consider stooping to your lowlife level we think we have something that will sink below your collar bone. Just bear with. I mean the star-electricity didn't throw us THAT FAR off. About ten minutes. BUT, there are other things that we want to do first. LMAO. Wait for it.

You think you and your star have it all locked down. Not so fast.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

ooh not the email death threats again

you bought it. YOU have that fucking derelict roll up out of his house to watch CHIILDREN and follow me around. No one bothered you or anything else. Yall smokin too much crack or something.

He's GOING ON YOUTUBE. And it's going to stop. And if it doesn't we'll just keep going up the foodchain and we all know where that ends.

Meantime, back at the ranch .. you think surrounding him is going to do you any good?

oh my god. THe gang chatter is deafening. RIght through one delicate ear and out the other.

You wanted this. YOu've ached for it.

And also ... BEAUMONT??? Look a little farther down beaumont. THere's another man they're murdering in his home. Lives by himself same side of the street. Must have taken them so forever with him that they finally diagnosed him with cancer and let the chemo begin. Poor old thing. Anyway the sales around there are more obvious on the cop's street.
OH I forgot to mention. Beaumont and Carrington working the hood together.

GO on get in your car. Drive by. See for yourself.

Another millionaire cop over there on carrington.

I have almost as much video of HIM stalking me as I do of beaumont.

Don't know WHY this could be.

Back hte fuck up off me.

There wasn't none and you brought some. You're ignorant. There can be no other excuse for this.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Letting Air out of Tires LIFE ENDANGERING

hey you mean bitch and that loser boyfriend of yours. Guess what?? I HAVE A WITNESS. I went back by the previous place and a guy was STILL sitting there. Thought you two were playing a joke on me because you were laughing.... Anyway seems it's even worse with children in the car. It really doesn't matter where my car is from now on. I'm pretty sure THAT SAME GUY is going to witness you doing things to it. I thought we had this established so you two dumbasses must be fresh imports.

Please read on (though I know it's a struggle) to where the intelligent person hops in.

Friday, May 09, 2008

So I was letting the air out of a tire of a car stopped at a red light...
I asked a half dozen or so NYPD about my bit of street justice. Get this: not one of them could think of any crime I committed! A few other items of note: 1) If I were on private property, they could definitely get me for something. But I wasn't.2) They too mentioned that I may have made the situation more dangerous. I'm not convinced I did, nor that that this makes my actions wrong.3) A retired cop said he would get me for petty larceny if I took the valve cap. But I didn't. I pointed out I did in fact litter. But next time I could put the valve cap back on. And I could have been cited for not having a bell on my bike, but I didn't tell him this.4) One officer said he would cite me for harassment. But he admitted this would be a bullshit charge that wouldn't stick. But as this is the only concrete criminal charge that anybody could come up with, I looked it up. I might have been guilty of "harassment in the second degree," a violation. Like littering. A non-arrestable offense if not committed in an officer’s presence. If you "repeat" the behavior (like doing two tires, I suppose), it goes up to "harrassment in the first degree," a misdemeanor. Here's the violation of harassment in the second degree:
A person is guilty... when, with intent to harass, annoy or alarm another person... He or she engages in a course of conduct... which alarm or seriously annoy such other person and which serve no legitimate purpose. I, of course, plead my conduct was legitimate. But a judge might not agree. A still have a feeling that there's something on the books that I violated. But nothing that anybody can think of.So while I'm not saying it's legal or good to let the air out of a car tire while the car is stopped at a red light. And I'm not saying it would be worth a night in jail on some B.S. charge. But I still think I did the right thing. And I'm just sayin' it doesn't seem to be illegal. I'm just sayin'...
Posted by PCM at 5/09/2008

Anonymous said...
I'm loving that you wanted to do something more than just complain about someone who was so obviously creating a serious public danger. Like some of the other people who've commented here, though, I'm horrified at the thought of you tampering with this woman's car WHILE SHE WAS DRIVING IT! It is most certainly illegal--I can't imagine what the NYPD folks you spoke to were thinking. You were attempting to disable her vehicle. WHILE SHE WAS DRIVING IT! Having read your blog for a while, I am astonished that you don't realize the seriousness of your actions. Since you asked, the difference between what you did and taking the keys away from a drunk person is that you didn't keep her from operating her vehicle in a dangerous manner. You actually made it far more dangerous for her to do so.
5:34 PM
PCM said...
You would think it would be illegal. But apparently it isn't.
5:55 PM
Anonymous said...
Yes, it is illegal. One could easily be cited for criminal mischief, criminal tampering, reckless endangerment, and reckless endangerment of property. These are serious infractions. And it's made even more serious (than, for example, slashing the tires or breaking the tail lights of a parked car) because this is an action being performed with the intent of disabling a vehicle while a person is operating the vehicle.This action was clearly intended to cause damage to the driver's car, inconvenience or even harm the driver, and shows reckless disregard for the safety of third parties.
10:56 AM
PCM said...
I simply don't believe a flat tire is that endangering. But you may have me on "criminal tampering in the third degree." The other offenses involves monetary damage, so they don't apply. But I sense your offense regarding what I did is based more on the morality of my actions (I did the wrong thing) than criminal wrong doing.What if I had succeeded in disabling her (lets not forget) already dangerous car? Leaving aside the criminal act of slashing all four tires, would *that* have been morally correct?
2:09 PM
Anonymous said...
I wasn't meaning to talk about moral correctness. But yes, I think disabling a vehicle while it is being driven is morally reprehensible as well. (Perhaps more so than legally!)As to monetary damage, if she needed to replace her tire or her rims then those codes apply. If she lost control of her car to a further degree as a result of your actions and damaged the vehicle or other property, then we're talking even more monetary damage, or even assault charges. (If she died, or killed someone else, then we're talking manslaughter.)Here's the point-- you don't need to "believe" that a flat tire is endangering in order for your actions to be criminal. Nor do your actions have to actually result in damage. You admitted that you wished to disable her car (and even mused that it was unfortunate that you didn't). That is a criminal act.I can't decide whether my alarm is more over your moral or legal effrontery, since in this case I think the law adequately and appropriately mirrors my morality. But I think I'm more alarmed that you not only see no problem with what you did, but you seem to want to be applauded for it. Considering it further... you have a posting here about the NY Times article about cyclists spraying "no car" stencils on bike lanes. Certainly, it's illegal. (I assume the graffiti code would cover it.) And yet I wasn't horrified at the idea of folks doing this. Though it is criminal, it shows especial concern for the safety of others, rather than reckless disregard.So, perhaps it is at the core a moral issue for me. Your celebratory attitude toward the act was what first disturbed me. It seems trite to say, but what if you really had disabled her vehicle? What if, as she attempted to drive what she didn't realize was a functionally-compromised car, she had caused damage to it? Or worse, to herself or someone else? I'm astonished that you don't see that as a possible outcome of your tampering.We're debating vigilantism here, I guess. I believe you exacerbated an already dangerous situation, and you have neither the imperative nor the right to do that. There's civil disobedience and there's community activism, and then there's taking the law into your own hands. I'm scared of your bravado!
2:35 PM
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What I said Beaumont Street

UPDATE: it's 3309 beaumont street as I originally thought. I checked. Can you imagine someone stupid enough to stalk you SO MUCH that you know where they LIVE??????????????????
Was that: "It's been a LONG TIME no see ... I guess you FOUND YOUR BALLS AGAIN."

Anyway so you can tell those other little amateur stalkers ... K109sf taht while I prob. didn't get a good pic of them for youtube it's awesome that I've got their info and yknow .... what total dumbasses. Honey if I was going to spread my legs I'd be doing it for A LOT more than what YOU are. Course you probably just borrowed that car so we could seem alike. LOL.

Cause I'm pretty sure I have an independent witness that saw what you did to my car before you followed me down the street. Imagine all that on the grocery video. YOu running around looking for me and all.

What a loser your boyfriend is. MY GOD. Seriously. KInda cute but has LOSER written all over him. While you are pretty in that 'i'm a nasty bitch way' so use it while you got it because yknow pretty like that doesn't last very long at all. It's barely even on the skin and inside you are one ugly fuckin slut unless you change your ways.

ANYWAY, I'm sorry I was distracted from your dance but I wanted to get especially good video of beaumont street so that I could youtube his ass into infamy.

Tell your fat friend that I admire his ummmmmmm devotion but I said gatorade on purpose... LMAO.

He totally thinks he's a player. Please, when's the last time that ANY of yall got fucked or blown by anything but a fuckin crack whore or some stupid bitch that would stay with a man that's only a slim memory of a man.

Hit close to home with the sad death of miss faulk, didn't I?? YOU are SLOPPY MURDEROUS MOTHERFUCKERS and it's really realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly smart that you show up again right on top of that.

So FUCK YOU. Ya had your chance to just slither the fuck back under your four rocks each.

Now we gonna go down and dirty because the next time one of you motherfuckers tries to kill me in that gym (LMAO YOU STUPID FUCKS) I've got something to put so far up your ass you can just add wheels and roll around from now on.

Seriously, I see you and I see your lives. You are miserable bastards.. YOu wonder why your kids hate you and are in bad shape.


It's that simple.

And, enjoy your youtube you pussy sonofabitching mudering motherfucker. YOU SO EARNED IT OVER THE PAST THREE YEARS>

Betya thought I wouldn't yank that camera out in front of anyone else but you THOUGHT WRONG.

OR DO YOU THINK???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

I'd put your tag here but believe it or not I don't have it memorized.

You goddamn idiot. YOU DO REALIZE that out of all the stupid motherfuckrs following me around that YOU are the one who is on video the MOST???

In fact, I am beginning to think that you're not just a murderer you are fucking DANGEROUS.

You need to be THE FUCK up off the streets.

You need to be in prison.



They probably don't even make a fucking uniform your size.

DO those people you do business with realize how fucking stupid you act and how much you are RISKING???????????????????



you are some class a stupid ass motherfucking idiots.

And you deserve whatever you end up with.

Here's Beaumont Street.

Any of YOUR kin????? KInda smells like it.

Another one .... this one EVEN MORE.

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Monday, June 2, 2008

awwwwwwww is that upsetting??

One would suggest to newproductions to READ THE LAW. Because his perfectly normal person is a stalker.
Yeah because I know his perfectly normal friend has so much video of ME following HIM around. LMAO !!! I have five or six separate videos of that guy stalking me with the SAME GUY.

Maybe I should make a citizen's arrest next time I see HIM as his little fey friend suggests. (fey does NOT mean gay so go look it up)

Nah, he's faded back into the woodwork OR gotten a new car like his stalking pardner.

AND, he is calling me names with his little friend, the cop-shoe-shiner.
awww that hurts. You are going to hurt my feelings and I'll take that video down. Nope, not so much. In fact, more are headed up there.


Not nice, fellas.

Also, does anyone else find it strange that you see ONE COP SO MUCH that you have his tag memorized? Now they're at the guy across the street's house when I get home AND when I leave.

Because that guy lerves the attention. Obviously robbed of it in his youth. So, that's the end of the line for him until he cries while I spend MY MONEY.

Why am I (AND YOU) paying for this guy to have cops at his house four and five times a day?


Don't call names, boys. It's not nice and it's not very manly.

"It gives us a very special, secret pleasure to see how unaware people are of what is really happening to them." - Adolf Hitler - Heated Discussion Firefighter vs Citizen pertaining to Fire Brigade abuse of tax dollars

Gang and Citizen Stalking
An interesting PUBLIC discussion pertaining to Firemen ABUSE OF PUBLIC FUNDS at
Unlike THIS victim I have NO intention of keeping this information to myself. I warned warned and warned. Let the chips fall where they may. I think I've made it PRETTY CLEAR that I intend to reveal if it doesn't stop and instead they thought they'd scare me and DO MORE. That's their choice.

Additional Data on Gang Stalking in America and Elsewhere

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

i agree

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nine days.

maybe YOU ARE getting too old for this.

The kids are faster. (sadder .. no really, I can't make up MY MIND who is faster)

saturday a big day for yall. Considering HELLO I"VE DONE THE SAME THING SATURDAY FOR HOW MANY YEARS NOW???

I love the whole switchy dealie where yall switch off from bikers to losers to ... cops to firemen to losers ... or hey, IS there REALLY a switch at ALL?

Not so much.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008






and tell your fireman friends to KISS MY ASS. And all your cop buddies TOO.

You'll have to eventually face that I am not afraid of you and that you have LOST.


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Friday, December 28, 2007

Pinellas Wienie???

MORE on Gang Stalking in America and Elsewhere

I KNOW you come by here. If not, you will SOON. Listen, I'll slap your picture arriving AND leaving up here tomorrow or the next day. That'll make THREE for you. What did you think, that they'd change the security tape and you'd be all good starting fresh?? I don't NEED their security tape, honey.

LOL !!!!

And, still, with all your supposed connections the best thing you can do is lurk in the men's room. Or the ladies' room, I suppose.

You poor fireman ... can't afford a computer at home ... awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww....

and now when I put YOUR face up here over and over and over again I do not even have to feel a smidge of guilt.

You deserve it.

excuse me/???????????????? (you earning your oscar NOT)


MORE on Gang Stalking in America and Elsewhere

What is this pussy on a one or few 'man' mission???

It's very obvious and very criminal what he's doing.

Is that supposed to make me NERVOUS?>>
LOL !!!
It makes me laugh and it did give me achance to inform him that stalking is against the law. (on video and HIS reaction.....) LOL !!